Woodstock and Cherokee County Mediation & Arbitration Attorney

Mediation and arbitration offer an alternative to the expense and uncertainty of protracted litigation. Some cases must be tried, but alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers many advantages when the costs, risks and length of a trial outweigh the potential upside.

The Austin Law Group, PC invites both plaintiff attorneys and defense counsel to explore the merits of mediation or arbitration. Our veteran litigator, Laura Austin and former Part Time Magistrate Cobb County Judge is available as neutrals to other parties in litigation. With decades of trial experience in diverse areas of general practice lends to practical and efficient resolution of even the most complex legal conflicts. Laura Austin serves as mediator and arbitrator in the Cherokee County and throughout North Georgia.

Whether you are working proactively to avoid escalation of a dispute, or have reached an impasse in state or federal court litigation, alternative dispute resolution may be the conscientious and cost-effective option.

To discuss mediation or arbitration of a dispute at any stage of litigation, contact our offices today and schedule an appointment with Laura Austin.

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