About Us

Going through divorce and custody issues is difficult
enough without dealing with an inexperienced lawyer. Let 33 years of experience guide you smoothly(or forcefully as the case may be) through the legal maze with as much or as little legal support as you need.

Let us handle your problems for you.
We can provide complete representation from start to finish.

Don't go into the Court arena unarmed and wonder why you got taken advantage of.
Know your rights, what is expected of you and how to get the best results for what you're willing to invest. A little preparation and information expended on the front end will make the outcome so much better. We can even arrange to prepare all of your papers within 24 hours for filing in urgent cases.

How can we help you?
We can customize our service to you to fit your budget. Tell us where you are financially and we'll work out a plan that works for everyone. We can co-op with you to divide responsibilities and create solutions that work for you and operate within your means.

Ms. Austin is available for consultation on all hourly based cases
at the rate of $95.00 for a twenty minute consultation to allow clients to determine a brief overview of the issues and processes involved without having to commit to an extended contract. All contingency matters including wrongful death, medical malpractise, auto and work injuries and other tort based litigation are without charge for consultation. Legal services can be designed from consultation and referral to appropriate forms for simple matters, full representation or a hybrid method of limited representation that includes assistance in preparation of legal documents but self representation in the courtroom.

Ms. Austin is available to her clients in emergencies except when on leave of court and is willing to meet with clients by scheduled, confirmed and compensated time allocation after hours and on weekends.



Texas Women's University
Graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, She completed her schooling cum laude with a gpa of 3.6.

Woodrow Wilson College of Law
She received her Juris Doctor and passed the bar in 1979. She has been practicing law for 33 years.

Work History

Combined Talents
Ms. Austin has combined her talents in business management, domestic litigation, medicine and law to serve hundreds of clients seeking a strong advocate in the Courtroom. Ms. Austin was appointed to the Magistrate Court as a Judge in 1999 and handled warrants, first appearance, small claims court.

Ms. Austin relocated from Cobb County into Cherokee County in 2003.


Ms. Austin is certified as a mediator and arbitrator and regularly conducts both domestic and civil mediation and arbitrations throughout Georgia.

Ms. Austin serves as present Secretary of the General Practise and Trial Section of the State Bar and 2012 President-Elect of the GPTS.